On June 17, Cooley LLP and NYC Health Business Leaders co-hosted “The 3D Printing Revolution Meets Health Care,” a cutting-edge event addressing the state of the 3D printing (3DP) revolution in health care. The event defined the current and future market, described the business, operational, legal and regulatory issues confronting the industry and discussed the next generation of technology. Already used with prosthetics, dental implants, and orthotics, health care is one of the fastest growing segments of the 3DP industry. The event truly exemplified the intersection of the health care, life sciences and technology industries. Live demonstrations followed the expert panelists. Speakers included: Land Grant, Founder and CEO of 3DP Media, Inc.; Zack Schildhorn, VP at Lux Capital; and John Meckler, Portfolio Manager at 3D Printing and Technology Fund in Manhattan. The live demonstrations were provided by Jerry Castanos of 3D Heights and Anan Natarajan of LayerWise.

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