2016 Open Payments data

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) published today the Open Payments data reported earlier this year by applicable drug, device, biologic and medical supply manufacturers and group purchasing organizations (GPOs) related to payments and transfers of value to physicians and teaching institutions, and ownership or investment interests held by physicians and their immediate family members. In total, 11.96 million records were published reported by 1,481 companies regarding $8.18 billion in payments, transfers of value and ownership/investment interests attributable to 630,824 physicians and 1,146 teaching hospitals. CMS also updated data submissions for prior years.

Additionally, CMS announced two new features added to the Open Payments search tool: (i) a physician comparison tool to enable users to compare a physician receiving payments to other physicians on a national level or within a specialty; and (ii) payment comparison tools by state.

CMS is scheduled to refresh the Open Payments data again in early 2018. We will continue to monitor activity related to Open Payments and provide relevant blog updates.



Posted by Cooley