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PhRMA Challenges HRSA Interpretative Rule on Orphan Drugs in the 340B Drug Discount Program

On October 9, 2014, the Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturers of America (“PhRMA”) filed a lawsuit seeking to enjoin the Health Resources Services Administration (“HRSA”) from implementing its July 23, 2014 “Interpretive Rule” regarding orphan drugs in the 340B Drug Discount Program (the “2014 Interpretive Rule”).  PhRMA’s lawsuit alleges that the 2014 […]

340B Drug Discount Program Orphan Drug Rule Vacated:  ACA “New” Covered Entity Types No Longer Authorized to Purchase Orphan Drugs Under the 340B Program, Regardless of Indications

[UPDATE 6/18/2014: HRSA has issued a statement that it continues to stand by its interpretation of ACA permitting new covered entities to purchase orphan drugs under the 340B program for non-orphan use. See our more recent post for updated information.] The D.C. District Court permanently enjoined the U.S. Department of Health & Human […]

Law360 Article: “Debate Over ACA Contraception Mandate Continues”

As we previously posted on our blog, the Affordable Care Act has been subject to extensive litigation since its enactment, including numerous lawsuits opposing its contraception mandate provision by both for-profit and nonprofit companies. At first blush, the cases appear to be very similar. However, the cases differ in several […]